There are a few ways to recycle your unused paint.

We will gladly take any unused paint off of your hands at a RECOLOR® collection site, our main headquarters or at participating drop-off sites. To find your nearest option, simply contact us by email or by phone. If you want to recycle more than 25 gallons of unused paint, or need a pick up from your home or business, give us a call for an estimate at 1-833-RECOLOR (732-6567).

Illustration of two people and cans of paint
Close up of used paint cans

We accept latex, water-based and acrylic paint for recycling.

All paint must be in its original container with specifying type, intended application (e.g. interior) and gloss level. It must also visually match the labelled content. Unfortunately, bulked or frozen paint cannot be recycled. There is a $2 per container recycling fee.

Before you recycle, make sure your paint is...

• Latex, water-based or acrylic paint.

• In an original, labeled container.

• In a liquid form.

• Not older than approx. 10 years.

We accept:

• Interior architectural paint
• Exterior architectural paint
• Primers
• Waterproofing paint
• DTM or “direct to metal” (non-marine) paint
• Porch and Floor paint (water based)
• Stains (water based)
• Polyurethane (water based)
• Glazes (water based)

We do not accept:

• Oil-based paints e.g.mineral spirits clean up
• Alkyds
• Stains (oil-based)
• Polyurethanes and varnishes (oil-based)
• Artist paint
• Driveway sealant
• Traffic marking paint
• Automotive paint
• Marine paint
• Industrial paint
• Textured paint
• Glazes (oil-based)
• Aerosol paint
• Solvents e.g. paint thinner
• Non-paint products e.g. adhesives, grouts, roofing and cement products

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